Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents

People often portray motorcycles as extremely dangerous and risky recreational vehicles that no smart person would engage in regularly. This stereotype then gives the vehicle the reputation of being inherently dangerous. However, in truth, a good amount of motorcycle accidents occur not because of the rider but due to other drivers on the road or environmental conditions. And, because motorcycles are by design exposed, riders oftentimes suffer far more serious injuries in related accidents. The combination gives everyone the idea that whoever rides a motorcycle is just taking their own lives in their hands.

Other Drivers Are a Big Cause

Most car and truck drivers are trained to see other vehicles on the road that are about the same size. However, motorcycles don’t fit the bill. They are smaller, move faster, and take up less space in a lane. They are also not as well lit up at night, which doesn’t help. As a result, car and truck drivers switching lanes, moving in cross-directions or generally doing things they would not do around other cars or trucks tend to be a big reason motorcycle accidents happen. The most common phrase used by such drivers after an accident tends to be, “I didn’t see him.”

Bad Road Conditions Don’t Help

Simply being on two wheels makes it harder to adjust and compensate for bad road conditions. Water, oil, potholes, and generally things left on or running across the road can all cause a rider to go down. No matter how safe riders are with extra attention, stuff just happens. As a result, road conditions and the environment tend to also be a big cause of accidents for riders every year.

Mechanical Failure

Interestingly, the design of most motorcycles doesn’t contribute to accidents per se. In fact, if a motorcycle does have an issue, it simply begins to wind down and shut off, leaving the rider stuck on the side of the road. So, contrary to rumor and myth, bad motorcycle design is just not a big reason for motorcycle accidents.

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