Driving on the roads is already an ordeal that risks life and limb. As one highway patrolman once put it, “You’re only about a foot away from death,” meaning it takes a moment of distraction or impairment for an oncoming vehicle to swerve into the other lane. There is a greater risk when it comes to driving on the highway with transport trucks (or 18-wheelers), than with passenger cars. This is due in part to the difference in weight. Where the average weight of a passenger car is about 3,000 pounds, whereas an 18-wheeler is 80,000 pounds.

Many of the common reasons for truck accidents are the same reasons for passenger car drivers to cause an accident. The drivers of trucks can be pulling long hours behind them and thus be fatigued, showing the same symptoms as someone who has been drinking and driving. This leads to the possibility of a driver being impaired by alcohol, or fatigue. They can be distracted by anything from something on the road to their cellular device. This is a form of negligence, which is a significant factor in wrecks on the road. Reckless driving, weather, and an improperly secured load can cause havoc with other cars.

This is why it is of high importance for a lawyer if one finds themselves in an accident caused by a truck. Aleman Law Firm P.C. is one lawyer that will be sure to secure any compensation and overall justice for the damage done to the individual in the passenger vehicle. At Aleman Law Firm P.C., Sergio Aleman is an experienced litigator with the experience and track record to effectively, and ethically, represent his clients. Attorney Aleman is also fluent in Spanish to better serve those in the area. The Dallas area is increasingly seeing more 18-wheelers and thus more accidents with passenger vehicles. The best thing to do is to educate yourself about preparedness if you end up in an accident.

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